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Lonely Mummy Moments | Working Mum

By 12th February 2018 January 18th, 2019 4 Comments

Good Morning! I have been thinking about this a lot lately about the dreaded lonely Mummy moments.

Some people may think, you work full -time how are you lonely? You are not at home alone all day with children. Well, let me tell you I have never felt more alone than I have in the recent months. I didn’t have many friends, to begin with just the mummy friends from school really; I miss the schoolyard morning chats catching up in Morrisons Cafe for coffee, all my mummy friends coming to my house for coffee after the school run, and the endless playdate invites. The only reason this all stopped when my circumstances changed, and I went back to work Monday – Friday full time.

I remember being a young mum with young children and even then I felt alone when Daddy was out at work. I made some lifelong friends by going to mummy and baby/toddler groups. And then we relocated and the lonely mummy moments returned with a vengeance, I struggled when we moved and missed all my friends. I found it hard to establish friends at Lyndsay and Chloe’s new school because the joined in years 3 and 4. All the mums already had their friendship circles, and well I just felt like an outcast. It wasn’t until Litlle Miss Kayleigh started reception that I made my friends, and that when the fun began.

My life is work, housework, and Dan and the kids. I do get adult interaction when I am at work, but even then I work alone the company I work for are based in Leeds, so even my job can be lonely. I am not in an office with other team members; they’re at the end of a phone if I do need them and I email them on a daily basis.

That is one of the main reasons I wanted to start blogging – something for me to do with the very little spare time I do have. But I lack something that is a bestie who you share everything with. Somebody to go out with, someone who you are there for and them for you. I don’t have any friend I text or call on a regular basis, just for a chat how are you doing -how sad is that.

I don’t even have my sisters close by to do girlie things with; I love the company I have at home with Dan and my girls, really I do! But just wish I had some gal pals of my own, who I get to see on a regular basis.

I have just had a week off work and caught up with my good friend; it’s been six months or thereabouts since I saw her last, I have promised that it would not be as long next time! Kayleigh and I had a great couple of hours, running free at Kids Zone with her best friend, Abi.

Are there any other full-time working mums out there on the world wide web who feel the same? Please feel free to email me:

We should all stick together and beat the awful lonely Mummy moments.