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Exciting Times | A New Chapter April 18

By 6th April 2018 November 17th, 2019 4 Comments

Exciting Times.

March has been a bit of a funny month and slightly stressful with some uncertainties relating to my current employment. But things are finally looking up an exciting opportunity has come my way, doing the job that I do now for the same salary and only a 5-minute walk from home. I don’t know what all the stress was about, as one door closes another door opens. I will be starting my new job In May in a beautiful new building, with a few familiar faces from the building I work in now.

I am going to focus more time and effort into my blog in the free time that I do have. And continue to try and grow my Social Media platforms, which is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I have connected with some fantastic people already on my blogging journey, mainly through Instagram and then following their blogs and YouTube channels. Sometime in the future, I would like to include a YouTube Channel to my blog, but that will have to wait until I can afford to buy a decent vlogging camera. I need to have more of a blog routine and try and post blogs more a regular basis ideally; I should have a schedule to stick to, posting a blog on set days. At the minute I don’t have anything in place, and then I find that I am struggling with what I should write about, I think Pinterest is the place to look for a blog schedule these days.
If you don’t follow my social media accounts already, I would be grateful for the support.

It doesn’t seem like two minutes ago that I started my Blog, and it has been three months already! Thank you to everyone who has followed my blog so far.
Much Love
Katie – Lou xoxo