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How Mums survive the World Cup TV Take over!

By 18th June 2018 2 Comments


The World Cup is in full swing! It only happens every four years, but how do we cope with the TV take over! Morning, Noon, and Night?! Saturdays are great for catching up on the Tv you miss during the week, or like me the days spent binge watching something on Netflix. We could even use it to our own advantage to get out of the house more! 🙂

Ear Defenders-Soundproofing?

I think we all need to invest in some heavy-duty ear defenders for the loud cheers. Or maybe you already sorted and had your lounge sound proved? I quite happily had a little nana nap after dinner last night… Happily pushing out the Zz’s When all of a sudden, my hubby lets out this almighty cheer – I almost had kittens, my heart jumped out my chest…. a WTF moment! I headed upstairs for a shower and laid on the bed with my laptop. I could hear the cheers from downstairs and the cheers from neighbouring houses … I had the windows open.

Mum Treats!

While the Dads take over, we should stock up on the things we love the most!

  • Chocolate
  • Bubble Bath & lots of tea light candles
  • A good book
  • That tv series on Netflix that been on your watch list forever

Boys Night In!

The ultimate winner for us gals… Round up your pals and go out for Dinner, catch a movie while leaving the Dads at home to watch the match and look after the kids.

Household Chores.

Maybe this is the motivation we need to get some of those chores done that we keep putting off for a rainy day.

Support the Opposite Team.

If you can’t beat them join them, with a twist for our own amusement – see how that pans out …lol!


It’s going to be a long 4 weeks! 🙁