10 Easy Party Snack Ideas

By 22nd June 2018 November 17th, 2019 6 Comments


I thought I would share a few of my favourite party snack ideas.

Getting organised for a kids party can be stress full! I have found doing the party early morning in time for the morning snack, or that part of the afternoon between lunch and dinner. You don’t have to worry about doing masses of food just little snack is enough 🙂

1.Fairy Bread

Butter bread and sprinkle with sprinkles use cookie cutters or just cut into triangles. It really is that easy and a big hit with any fairy loving little girls

2. Rainbow Fruit Skewers

Health party snack -So easy and so many different combinations to be done again its quick easy and kids love it ! you could even prepare your fruit in bowls and let the children create their own skewers

3. Strawberry ladybugs

Simply strawberries dipped in chocolate, with tiny chocolate spots. Another winner with the kiddies.

4. Unicorn Popcorn

Just add a few drops off food colouring and sprinkles to create a colourful and fun popcorn

5. Rainbow Jelly Cups

This one takes a little time to make but still easy! Buy a selection of jelly to make up and clear plastic cups. Make up the jelly one buy one waiting for them to set between adding the next colour. You can finish them off with squirty fresh cream and sprinkles.

6. Vegetable Sticks

With a selection of dips, hummus, soft cheeses, mild salsa, tzatziki is one of my daughter’s favourites!

7. Easy Marshmallow sticks

Using the long flump Marshmallows create a spiral, and then use a skewer to hold it together.

8. Mini Rolls

These are great as they ‘re or you can turn them into little caterpillars with icing and sweets they go down great with the kids.

9.Decorated Plain Biscuits

My girls loved making these for parties whether you use to frosting or chocolate and then decorate with sprinkles and edible glitter

10. Unicorn Partie fruit Punch

Use edible glitter to add a bit of sparkle to the fruit squash, finish off with a little cocktail decorations umbrellas or simply make your own with skewers and paper 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.