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Time to STOP Procrastinating & Get on Top!

By 12th July 2018 November 17th, 2019 4 Comments


Overwhelmed by Unorganised Chaos

Have you ever felt like you can’t get up in the morning, sick and tired of the 9 – 5 rat run. Today I am hazy-eyed along with feeling slightly emotionally challenged! Being a full time working mum is harder than I thought. My messy house is getting me down, feeling stuck in a giant sinkhole of clothes & general mess! Is there such a thing as a happy work-life balance? Is working from home as good as it looks to a full time working mum? There are only so many hours in a day, and right now I’m finding I need an extra 10 or more hours and then maybe I might have enough time to get my house organised…


Delegating Sharing the Chores

I have said it a thousand times before… I’m going to appoint jobs to the kids, create a cleaning rota, I never follow through, EVER! Before I worked full time, I ran a tight ship my house was always clean tidy and presentable. For me that was an advantage of being a stay at home Mum, I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to go back to being a stay at home Mum; I found it very isolating, one of the main reason I like to come to work is to get adult interaction & convocations.

I never ask my girls to do anything these days, teens are stroppy and hormonal and are likely to bite my head off! They do on a rare occasion help and be clean and tidy; it takes something drastic which usually involves mum going batshit and having a mummy style tantrum ( yes you did just read that)



I do need some serious help getting my clean, tidy tight ship back.
Tried & Tested
  • Switched off the internet
  • Taken away phones computers
  • Grounded – You will stay in your room until it’s done
  • Reward charts do not have the same effect above the age of 5!
  • Treats
  • Days Out
  • Sleepovers with friends

Tell me working Mums & Dads “How do you do it, is it even possible”? Do all working parents bedrooms look like mine? I’m feeling like an unruly messy teen, and possibly giving my somewhat scruffy teen daughters a run for there money! Competing for the dirtiest room ha! Facebook and Instagram always look so pretty nobody shows there untidiness; let’s break the social media pretty picture etiquette.
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Inspiration & Motivation

I have been following Charlotte TeamStein Mummy for a while now; I’m particularly enjoying her declutter Series; I need to take a leaf out of Charlotte’s book and stop procrastinating. She has also recommended the book by Marie Kondo – The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up. (I am going to purchase this today!)
TeamStien Mummy, from one Mum to another, do you have any tips to share to get my these girls of mine helping out? 🙂

Final thoughts

I think I might be completely insane, who wants to start organising there home right before the children finish school for Summer! Nanny Mcphee Katie – Lou needs you! Or maybe it will work in my favour, and my little darling will help? If anyone has any tips or tricks that can help me by making things easier or suggestions to get the rest of my family helping out, please do get in touch and share your wisdom. 

Much Love Katie- Louise xx