My bucket list & personal goals, whats yours?

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Bucket List


Updated 1st September 2018

I have always thought about having a bucket list and never actually got around to doing one, a physical list that I can see and cross out. Not just a list of the many lists that change in my head on a daily basis, that just get forgotten or written on a scrap bit of paper when you’re bored, that inevitably gets lost. Who is going to see it, who is going o help you work through it!?

There are certain aspects of my life that I’m either not happy with and want to change as well as things I would like to achieve, I have lot’s a want to achieve. I don’t want to suddenly hit an age and think….s***t, I wish I had done this or changed that… you know, the what if’s.

I want something to work towards and to be able to feel the satisfaction of updating this post, crossing out the things I have accomplished and set myself new goals.

Ok, here goes!


New York

Have dinner at the Eiffel Tower
Leaning Tower of Pisa

Take a ride on a gondola
Take a tour of the squares & fountains

Hippodrome Square
Blue Mosque
Topkapi Palace

Walk along the Marina
Lanelnge Pier – The famous Sculpture of The Little Mermaid

Visit my friend Carola – Who I Met online 9 in 2009 Playing World of Warcraft
Stortogret Square

Visit the blue lagoon hot springs

Take a selfie with palm trees and red British telephone boxes

Safari Trail


Reach 1,000 Instagram followers
Reach 1,000 Twitter followers
Reach 1,000 Facebook page likes
Meet a blog friend in real life
Attend a blog event
Write a sponsored post
Blog consistently for a whole year
Work with 5 companies
Do a collaboration
Start vlogging
Create an ebook
Make money


Reduce my hours
Quit working full time
Become self-employed
Love my job


Get Married
Go on holiday with my sisters
Be present when somebody I love is giving birth
Attend a beach wedding – Isle of Arran, Scotland 15.09.2018
Be a bridesmaid
Foster a child
Be debt free
Own my own house
Learn to drive
Fly in a hot air balloon
Swim with dolphins
Climb a mountain
Float in the dead sea
See a rocket launch from the Kennedy space centre
Spa day with a friend or family member
Holiday with friends
Afternoon tea at Bettys
Go to an outdoor movie
Go to a concert
Attend a festival
Go on a Cruise
Ride a ferry – Ardrossan to Brodick 13.09.2018
Long haul flight
Get a tattoo
Be comfortable in my own skin

Phew, that’s a fairly chunky list, but I’m going to do my damn hardest to tick off as many of these as I can, we humans can do anything we put our minds to, right?

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will” – Stephen King

I would love to see or hear what others have on their bucket lists, feel free to drop a link or comment with yours below.