#Blogtober Intro

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Blogtober Intro

What is blogtober, you ask? Well basically blogtober is a month of blogging – Yep, 31 days so that’s a new blog post every day for the month of October. The idea behind Blogtober is to celebrate creativity and the concept of creating content. You may think I’m a wee bit crazy taking part in this blogging challenge, when working full time, parenting my girls & running a home. For me this is going to be a tough challenge, consistently blogging every day of the month.  At the minute I’m lucky if I get one blog post a month posted… I’m hoping that by taking part in blogtober I will maintain a routine and find the time to blog on a regular basis by sticking to a blog routine.

I ‘m going to make this my Mission to blog every day for 31 days – Wish me Luck! 

What I Have Planned

The posts may or may not be in list order
  1. Blogtober Intro
  2. Autumn Essentials
  3. Favourite Apple Recipe
  4. Day in the life
  5. Cosy Night in
  6. Top free Activities in Harrogate
  7. Seasonal Bucket List
  8. Recent Trip to The Isle of Arran
  9. Autumn Kids Clothes Haul
  10. Favourite Autumn Movies & TV shows I never get tired of
  11. DIY Autumn/Halloween Decorations
  12. Pumpkin based Recipe
  13. Round up of Summer
  14. Cosy Jumpers I must have
  15. Weekend highlights
  16. Favourite Beauty Products
  17. Wordless Wednesday
  18. Zodiac Sign does it fit?
  19. Old photos of me & the family
  20. What’s in my bag
  21. My favourite Spotify playlist
  22. Thankful Thursday
  23. Reasons I love Autumn
  24. My year in review so far
  25. My go-to Perfume/scent
  26. Photo Diary – The Star Harrogate
  27. Autumn Selfie
  28. Half term Roundup
  29. Tips for feeling cosy
  30. What I am most scared of
  31. Halloween treats