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Binge Worthy Tv & Movies, you will never get tired of

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Anybody else or Only me?

I drive my other half crazy when he walks in to discover that I am watching something I have seen 100’s of times before …. Are you guilty of this, what does your significant other think? It’s difficult for us to sit and watch a series together like different things. We both love a good Marvel movie, who doesn’t, right!? At the moment they have some great TV shows too! At certain times of the year, I find myself rewatching the same things; I have a love for all things Vampires & werewolf & witches, I can’t get enough.

Vampire Diaries

Some will say Vampire Diaries is for a younger audience, trust me it’s not at all, switch off what you’re currently watching head on over to Netflix and check it out – you will be hooked and binge watching. Are you team Stefan or Team Damon? Me 100% team Damon … What is not to love about Ian Somerhalder? I still quite can’t believe that Vampire Diaries is all over .. I thought that vampires live forever right? The final season will have you on an emotional rollercoaster – tissues at the ready ladies.

I wish I had a Bennett witch in my life … <3

The Originals

If like me you love and have seen Vampire Diaries have you seen The Originals, Vampire Diaries spin-off going more into the Mikaelson family, how the first vampires where born! Kluse, the original vampire-werewolf hybrid you will be hooked, it 100percent is a binge-worthy TV show.

You don’t need to watch Vampire Diaries before The Originals, but the benefit in doing so gives you some insight to all the characters. The Vampire Diaries has the story origin for The Originals, after all, it’s a spin-off which is an indication your already familiar with all the characters. I’d also like to add I feel that The originals are for an older audience .. Enjoy let me know who your favourite Mikaelson Vampire? Mine favourite has to be Elijah, played by the fabulous Daniel Gillies and not forgetting Mikaelson witch, Freya.


I struggled to get into this program… I can’t even explain why?! Eventually, I loved it stick with it you will love Elena Michals, the only female werewolf in existence escaping a world she doesn’t want to be part of and abandoning her pack. I’ve recently started to read the books by Kelley Armstrong; I believe the books lead more down the road of the coven witches – I am excited to learn more! Maybe a spin-off? That would be so amazing!

Teen Wolf

I felt ridiculous watching this, a grown 34-year-old woman … Ha! It is such a good show! Derek & Peter Hale are worth watching the show.

Enough of vampires & all things supernatural- did someone say Supernatural, O M G … WATCH IT! I could go on and on with the obvious .. Twilight Saga, Underworld, my love for this genre stems from the movie CRAFT I loved this when I was at school Many moons ago!

Films I can watch over and over, I will never get tired of re-watching these great movies:

  • Notting Hill
  • Bridget Jones
  • Sex and The City
  • Harry Potter
  • The Notebook
  • Letters to Juliet
  • The Fault in Our Stars
  • Dream Girls

Not forgetting all things Marvel – Thor…. (Just saying)

My list is endless! There is nothing I love more than on a cold, wet miserable weekend JPS on, cosy up on the sofa and watch a good show or Movie on TV.

This Autumn there are a few shows & Movies will be revisited along with sharing with my girls, it’s not Halloween if you don’t watch Practical Magic, not forgetting the much loved Disney Classic Hocus Pocus, Winifred Sanderson, I love her!  “Why was I cursed with such Idiot sisters” – A girl after my own heart!

Gilmore Girls:- I am going to introduce my big girls to this over half term! It is a perfect heartwarming show focusing on family and friendship, what’s not to love.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my favourites, or if you have a recommendation you think I would enjoy, please share!

What is on your all-time favourite Tv/Movie list?