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10 reasons you know it’s Monday

By 18th February 2019 36 Comments


  1. You keep snoozing the alarm and suddenly realise it is almost time to leave the house and you’ve not even woke the kids up yet!
  2. Every pair of tight you pull out have holes in the gusset right near the thighs, you can’t wear them, or your legs will be red raw from the chub rub!  Now you have to rummage through the laundry mountain on the sofa, in the hope you will find some without holes before your teenage daughters nick off with them first.
  3. The kids are rummaging through the laundry mountain on the sofa and playing tights tug of war! You’re trying to put the kettle in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard and contend with filling lunch boxes and rallying around for clean pe kit and the missing trainer.
  4. You can’t find your work keys which you dumped on Friday when you got home from work, and you should’ve left 20 minutes ago.
  5. You can’t wait to get home, and you have not even made it into work yet!
  6. When you finally get to work and switch the PC on you find Windows needs more updates, which requires the sodding thing to restart 3-4 times!
  7. You can’t remember what the company name is your answering the phone for or if it is morning or afternoon!
  8. When you have drunk enough coffee to fuel a car, and yet you still feel like you need more caffeine to get you moving.
  9. You google Motivational Monday quotes, but it is still not motivating you at all al and your still procrastinating.
  10. You make it to lunchtime, but you have to go to the shop for a creme egg to give you a little kick up the backside.


Let’s make it official we need to scrap Monday! Who is with me?